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3/1/2023 5:42:40 PM

Guardian ranks and pointless and disappointing

Guardian ranks were advertised and being a way show your mastery of the game, higher ranks for more achievements in the game, etc. They had so much potential. Yet, I've yet to see a single person under level 6. My wife, who has barely played any campaigns, never does the seasons, has maybe done like 2 different raids, never done a GM, is rank 6. Good for her but that [i]doesn't make sense[/i]. Looking back through the requirements for each level, you basically have to play the game for a a couple hours to be "Veteran" status. They basically took a good concept of showing your skill in the game, and turned it into a convoluted triumph tracker that RESETS EVERY SEASON. On top of that, gatekeeping mods being higher guardian ranks is a joke. Not saying more seasonal rewards and triumphs are bad, but Bungie practically lied about what guardian ranks were going to be.



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