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2/22/2023 10:32:58 PM

Forsaken DLC removed from account

I bought destiny 2 for my original ps4 as a disc copy that came with forsaken. I beat the campaign, beat the dungeon, and have pretty much all of the exotics from that expansion. However, I recently upgraded to a ps5. When I did, I upgraded to the free ps5 version of the game. Shortly after I discovered that I could no longer access forsaken content, it said I hadn’t purchased it. I put my old disk copy in, the one that came with forsaken, and it also had the same issue. I’ve tried everything I could with cross save to fix it and I cannot. I have the content and achievements to prove that I once had the dlc. If pictures are needed I can take some. In case it’s needed, My PlayStation account and my in game name are the same (ShaduTheShady). Every other expansion I had on my ps4 carried over except for this one, so I dont think its a cross save issue. I’m also not missing any of my forsaken achievements or weapons.



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