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1/12/2023 1:59:57 AM

UPGRADING THE SHADER SYSTEM | Possible Concepts to help with finding shaders

I hope this is the correct venue for this...if not please let me know where this can be posted prior to deleting it. The shaders system used to be a living nightmare with them clogging up inventory. Bungie moved it to a new location and we can see them under "FLAIR". Unfortunately, when applying shaders to armor and weapons, there is no sorting, no ability to find favorites, and even recently used ones; and for an older gamer like myself, finding one four color swatch gets me confused after looking through the hundreds amassed since I started playing D2 at release in 2017. (Been playung since 2014 on D1 as well) The shaders have zero information as to source in the appearance menu such as Iron Banner, Crucible, Gambit, etc. SUGGESTION 1) allow us to apply the shaders FROM the flair menu where they are located and then have the option to either guns, armor or make a favorite of that specific shader. 1A) allow favorites or the ability to DEACTIVATE those we will never use SUGGESTION 2) If we can't apply from the flair menu, have the favorites be available at the front of the visual listing when applying them to armor at minimum, and perhaps some sorting for making favorites appear at the beginning of the list. 2B) ability to deactivate those we won't use.



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