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12/21/2022 10:29:03 AM

EU/UK Crossplat Chill Clan - Church of Cake

Hey there! We're the Church of Cake, a European based chill endgame clan. We are around 50 members strong, with frequent Raids/GMs/Dungeons and Trials! We play mostly in evenings due to jobs and life responsibilities, and Ps5 and PC are the main platforms, but we'll take anyone and have multiple Xbox and even stadia players! Ideally, we're looking for new *and* experienced players, wishing to hang out with us whilst completing all aspects of destiny, from title grinding to taking your first steps in the game. We're all 18+, and understand that life comes first, you'll never be punished for missing a raid, and we have absolutely no expectations of playtime or skill levels, we're here to have fun at the end of the day. We run day one raids, offer frequent teaching runs, and always have teams chasing flawless on a weekend. We'd love to have you with us, message me or reply to this thread and I can set you up on the discord and get you in game asap! Thanks guys, Grumpy
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