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12/8/2022 12:53:51 PM

Old Mods

Bungie its time to let players have old mods they want charge 5k glimer per mod 10k 25k I dont care but the idea of checking the vendors contsantly for that one and only mod out of the hundreds that i need is rediculous and people will do this and the one day its up for sale they will miss it and it wont come back around for another 420 years. I understand you want players to have the need to come back to the game everyday at least to check on vendors and do daily bounties but it would be a great quality of life now that build crafting is such a big thing to be able to actually get the mods i need to make my builds SO MANY of my builds are lacking a couple of mods that would be perfect all becuase I decided to take a break and not burnout from playing your game, and I and others are being punished for that! Please allow Ada / Banshee to have a mod menu where all mods are buyable even for a crazy high glimmer price I just want to perfect my builds.....



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