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オリジナルの投稿元: It's not Joe Blackburn. It's not the Devs.
12/1/2022 5:30:19 AM
And let's be careful with our witch hunts. Destiny had been going in a really good direction. Then they listened to the "nerf stompies" sheeple after two cool anonymous streamers made 20 min videos about how they couldn't look up at Hunters. Talked about usage rates that fit their reasoning while ignoring other similarly used exotics. Five months later they made AE. They buffed Pulses and Scouts with little reason after making buck shotty rng with 3 less meters of effective range. Buffed fusions. Decreased stability when sliding. So people stand still in spawn and shoot lanes. [b][i][u]AN EXTREMELY PREDICTABLE OUTCOME.[/u][/i][/b] So since they didn't push, they buffed Subs and Side arms. Which also didn't need a buff. They have to not try to please everyone. It needs to be a HC shotgun meta so people MOVE and play the midrange with long range players serving as the outlier. Reverse course now. Make maps. Make strikes. Scrap Gambit or revamp it.



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