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11/27/2022 8:37:32 PM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C17 PT 2

Cayde turned to see Ikora standing next to two other warlocks. She nodded to both of them before making her way to Cayde, her hands resting behind her back.   "How was the strike?"     He sighed, "It started off fine, but Zavala's titans never showed up."   "Oh, dear."   "Yeah, so I had to pull Jack out before she was killed," he let out an amused scoff, "Oh, and get this, Zavala thinks I'm being too overprotective of her. Can you believe that?" Ikora remained quiet, Cayde raising his brow, "What?"     "Well…."   "Not you too!" Cayde groaned, "She's a friend and a hunter! You acted the same way with Liz!"   Ikora smirked, "I did not accompany her on missions as you have."  "This was the only mission!"  "I also did not pull her out of a strike when something bad happened."   Cayde held up his finger, "You weren't there; there were tons of other Fallen besides Sepiks!"   "Alright, what about the other day when we offered to have her attend a public event with three titans, four other hunters, and two warlocks?"   Cayde frowned, rabidly searching his mind for a good excuse, "They... Didn't look right."   Ikora sighed, "Cayde-"   "The one guy was wearing fur; who wears fur when you're going to Mars?!"   "Cayde!" Ikora snapped, "You need to back off; she's not going to be a good guardian if you keep babying her like this."   "But she's not a normal guardian, Ikora," Cayde retorted, "She can't be revived."   "We don't know if that's the case."   "And you really want to try?" He questioned, "Both you and Zavala go on and on about how we don't have enough guardians to fight the darkness, and now you want to try and kill one just to see if they can be revived?"   She shook her head, "That's not what I'm saying; I'm saying that she will never even be a guardian if you keep sheltering her like this. If what you say is true about the Devil's Lair, you made the right decision. But if you're over-dramatizing, like you tend to do… then you need to severely rethink your decisions."   Ikora then turned away from him and began to walk to the Hall of Guardians; Cayde frowned as he watched her leave.   "Zavala wants her to try again; I want to go in with her this time," Ikora turned back to look at him, "So I can teach her how to fight the Hive and Fallen correctly and make sure she doesn't die."   "If you feel that is the wisest-"   "I do."   She gave a nod, "then so be it."  



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