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Destiny 2

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11/27/2022 11:26:53 PM

Reed's Regret

I ventured into Trials this weekend. I'm not a Trials guy but I really wanted the PVE godroll Reed's Regret with triple tap and firing line before it leaves the loot pool. I'm not great at PVP but I held my own in most matches. I used the super toxic Necrotic Grips on Arc Warlock with Dead Messenger and paired it with my boxed breathing/surpluss Adept Hung Jury. I played freelance. At one point had 4 wins in a row, then lost a couple. Put together 50 winning rounds. On my last rank up reward I landed the Reeds. Triple tap, firing line, with liquid coils, corkscrew, and a reload masterwork. Thank you RNG gods.



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