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11/26/2022 9:37:40 PM

Loot suggestion from a friend: "Go back to fixed weapon rolls, but keep weapon crafting." My response: "Only if Crafting was better and endgame activities kept random rolls." Your Thoughts?

My friend pitched a suggestion to me in regards to how he would change the legendary loot drops. To set an expectation... If you're a person who keeps copies of the same legendary weapon because you don't know what the best roll could possibly be, that's where this idea originates from. [b]His Idea to Rework Weapon Loot:[/b] -- Weapon drops no longer have random rolls (reason being random rolls present a level of decision paralysis for someone who doesn't exactly know that they're looking for) -- All weapon drops are fixed rolls (think Year 1 of Destiny 2) -- You can craft any weapon in the game (probably with some exceptions) That's the extent of his idea, and [b]at first I was completely against it[/b]. Because... 1) I feel random rolls are almost essential to the game and fixed rolls aren't exciting. 2) In its current state, crafting needs to be in a better place for me to even accept this rework. The only reason I'm posting this is because it's not a terrible idea. I may not like it, but it would have a argument. [b]IF[/b] the grind to craft weapons was streamlined and appropriately balanced to compensate for there being no random rolls, and not a pain in the @$$, then I could get behind this idea. [b]My Thoughts[/b] Personally though, sticking to my friend's idea, I think random rolls would have to remain in activities like master raids, grandmaster nightfalls and trials content. Core playlist and seasonal weapons would fall into a point of contention. I mean, you can focus those weapons. To hit the "undo" button on focusing, just to push crafting as the main way to get what you want could be crazy. [b]Closing Statements[/b] Again though, this comes from someone who wants cool weapons and doesn't want to do research to find out what weapon rolls are best ([i]and didn't think to ask for advice from his Friends[/i]). Just to find mixed results and ultimately be confused about how to organize their inventory and vault. Feel free to roast or empathize with this post!



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