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11/30/2022 1:37:15 AM

Add Horror's Least alongside Duty Bound

The solution to the Horror's Least debacle this season is an easy fix, just add it to this week's GM with double drops alongside Duty Bound. Will bungie do this? Probably not. Could they? Yes. We could be wrong but a few friends I've talked to remember Hung Jury and Plug One dropping from a double reward week back in Season of the Splicer (14). Again, we could be wrong but why do 4-5 different people remember this, while asked at separate times? This would bring back a chunk of us that already bounty prepped and gave up on the season last week when sub par Mindebender's dropped a 3rd time. We would grind until the game shuts down for that perfect Perpetual/Kill Clip roll. Use your brains bungie, give the people what we want and make Horror's Least drop at some point this week.



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