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11/29/2022 9:05:52 PM

Nezerac Tea (Fan Fiction)

Drifter: "Hey how's it going hotshot, me and 'moondust' heard you gave those old relics to Mithrax, ever wonder what he's planning?" Warlord Rust: "Nah, hopefully something good though." Saint-14 approaches holding what appears to be small cup of 'tea?' Saint: "LOOK! look at what Mithrax has made, this will have immeasurable power for sure!" Warlord Rust: "Don't tell me thats what I think it is Saint." Drifter takes another swig of beer from his mug... Saint: "IT IS! or it was" Saint-14 hands the cup of tea to Osiris to drink, Osiris does so... Drifter hysterically sprays beer out of his nose while laughing. Drifter: "I have eaten Hive and Fallen before, but let me tell ya bruthah, you couldn't pay me enough to do what he just did." Warlord Rust: "Another drink at Spider's?" Drifter: "If your buyin'." Warlord Rust: "Sure, so what were you saying about you and 'moondust'?"



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