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11/27/2022 12:48:24 AM

Haus of the Dragon

Welcome to Haus of the Dragon! Haus D is a start up clan looking for new members! Haus D has plenty of experience with all raids and dungeons and we are more than willing to teach. Want to do some GM’s? Let’s get that sweet loot! Need to work on some triumphs for some raid seals? Throw it on the schedule and let’s get it done! We dabble in PVP from time to time as well. Need help with an exotic quest? Come on over! LOOT!!! Maybe you are interested in helping others with some of these things as well. You’ll fit in nicely. We like to keep things light hearted, relaxed, and drama free. We use discord for communications and scheduling. The use of discord is mandatory. Everyone from all walks of life are welcome in Haus D, LGBTQIA+ included. All platforms are welcome! All timezones are welcome! Zero tolerance for harassment and/or discrimination. The ban hammer is swift. Let’s create a community we can be proud of!



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