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The House of Lost Lights is looking for more members to join our community! (18+)

As the [b]Season of Plunder[/b] is coming to a close; and the [b]Season of [Redacted][/b] starting soon, [u][b]The House of Lost Lights[/b][/u] is opening our doors for new members. At Lost Lights, we have an amazing group of players who are always willing and ready to hop into any activity and help teach if needed. We are heavy on the PVE side but always down to stack up during Iron Banner week and Trials every weekend. We also provide a well-organized Discord server that will enhance your destiny experience (in-clan ping system, event planning, and more). - Joining the clan Discord and registering with Charlemagne (Discord bot that provides detailed access to Destiny 2 information. Equipped with stats, clan ranking, and LFG) is a [b]MUST[/b]. - Latest Destiny 2 DLC (Witch Queen) is [b]REQUIRED[/b] - Primarily PSN but will accept Xbox/PC players who use the PSN APP to access PSN Chats - In-Clan LFG (ping) system and pre-scheduled weekly raids - PvE focused with some members keener on the PVP side - Well-organized Discord with a variety of channels (Destiny and Non-Destiny channels) - We are a community, your skill level is not an indication of you as a person We have a few basic rules to follow which you can read about in more detail in our Discord: - Activity in-game and Discord is mandatory - Communicate with and be active with clan mates clan in-game and in Discord - Must be atleast level 1540 - 2 weeks of inactivity in either will be followed up with the admin team - When you are running Destiny content you [b]MUST[/b] go through the clan first - Treat others how you want to be treated - Be willing to learn and take adapt to tackle in-game challenges - We have a 0 tolerance policy against harassment or discrimination If you are interested in joining, please leave an upvote on this post and reply below. One of our admins will be in contact with you and get you signed up! [url=]The House of Lost Lights (LOST) Clan Page [/url]



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