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11/25/2022 5:40:12 PM

Seismic Gaming [EU, 18+] semi-casual clan focused on friendliness and coffee

Seismic is a casual gaming community focusing primarily on hanging out in voice chats, drinking coffee or other nice things and shooting aliens and guardians alike. We grew quite big, but our goal is still the same: to maintain a friendly and close-knit team and play those cool missions with a lot of teamwork, all while helping more people become part of it through our raid sherpa events, mentoring sessions and casual discussions. We have helped a lot of people to start enjoying the game beyond their solo experience, and have also been there in those sweatfests of master and day one raids, trials, grandmasters, you name it :) Seismic playlist also includes social events, where we play weird games and do silly mindless things in voice chats to get away from galaxy protection duties. Our specifics: - At least 18 years old - Activity in voice chats and in game. We are all grown people with individual lives and we aren't really strict, but we value communication and active members - Please be respectful to other members no matter what We have a website with a cool "JOIN US" button and other stuff: It is built around our discord server, so if you wanna join, please fill that simple form and we'll welcome you soon If you have any questions, feel free to message me through discord: Jowaaaa#1337



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