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11/26/2022 10:41:36 AM

[RA1D] Come and join the RA1D Family! Mega Clan & LFG | PVE and Endgame | 18+ | Crossplay | Competitions and Giveaways | Teaching Clans & Sherpa Scheme!

[quote][b]RA1D is recruiting - are you ready to join our Destiny family?[/b][/quote] We are a large clan made up of several sub-clans all under the RA1D umbrella. We have our own fully boosted Discord server with custom roles and emotes and our own guides server to help you through all end-game content. As part of the RA1D family, finding fireteams of likeminded, sociable players couldn't be easier! We represent guardians with dedicated clans across all time zones, with experienced gamers willing to include you and teach any end-game content to further support and develop your experience of the Destiny 2 community! Are you new to end-game content? Have no fear! RA1D has recently introduced a specific teaching clan for all end-game content, with experienced teachers and dedicated support to help you grow. We also have a fully supportive Sherpa programme with experienced teachers from around the planet for all Destiny 2 content. Come and develop with us! Additionally, we have recently opened an accessibility focused clan for those with disabilities who are seeking a supportive environment to engage in end-game activities with similar gamers! [quote][b]Already in a clan? Don't worry - RA1D is here for you too![/b][/quote] RA1D welcomes members from all corners of the Destiny 2 community, including those in existing clans! Come and join our community, engage in discussions with our members and make use of our active LFG service. Find fireteams for all activities across the game and make some new friends in the process! [quote][b]Interested in joining the RA1D family? It couldn't be easier![/b][/quote] 1) Upvote this post to keep the party going long into the weekend. 2) Join our Discord ([url][/url]) and follow the enrolment steps with the support of our dedicated clan leaders and Discord staff. We look forward to seeing you with boots on the ground, Guardian. Come and join the party - you won't regret it.



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