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11/26/2022 3:00:17 AM

Dads of Destiny: Outlaws Redux is Recruiting

Whether you are a D1 vet looking for sharpen your raid skillz or a new light trying to dip your toe into some endgame content, we offer it all. Raids, dungeons, GM’s, Master level content, Triumph pursuits, Trials runs, and training for all content and all levels. We run clan social nights for crucible, gambit, raid and dungeon completion races. So if you want to come and try out some new skills or builds, or perhaps just want enjoy some hilarious commentary and camaraderie. Come on in! We use band for all clan communications, event planning, and activities. And we require band engagement from all players to complete the content consistent and dynamic. There’s a 2 week trial period in which you will play various game modes with a clan leader or Sherpa to test player engagement, to cover rules and etiquette, and to check for synergy. If after the 2 week period, the leadership and the player are both good to go, then applicant can be promoted to full membership and we are off to the races. Reply to this post for invite



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