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11/25/2022 8:21:16 PM

RISE is looking for ACTIVE and SOCIAL PVP/PVE Destiny addicts for season 19! Xbox preferred but ALL Platforms Welcome. 18+

Tired of mega clans, dead clans or clans with cliques that only play with each other?   Join us at RISE!  We have a friendly/family type atmosphere. We play TOGETHER and discourage CLIQUES that ONLY play with each other and not everyone else. From semi-casual to hardcore players,  we have them all. We do all activities. We're also a teaching clan. The only requirements are be active and everyone must use BAND because that's what we use to get to know each other and set up clan activities. We are a diverse bunch of gamers who enjoy getting together to take on the challenges and grind of the beloved Destiny 2. We love playing and we are serious about being a part of a clan. We have unbrokens, flawless', blacksmiths, and everything in between. Admin to new players we are all held to the same standards so that no one member is treated differently from another. We don't care if you are PVP or PVE focused, D2 day 1, or just starting on your campaign. We are an ACTIVE clan looking for ACTIVE Guardians. Being social in game as well as outside the game is important to us. To do that,all clan members are required to download and use an app called BAND to communicate, you can use it on your phone and computer. We check for activity on both Destiny and BAND, after all you're joining a clan to be with a clan. Plain and simple our REQUIREMENTS BE ACTIVE IN BOTH D2 AND BAND. If this all sounds great to you and you'd like to join you can message cloakedn007 or any admin on Bungie or leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible. IF YOU'RE MOSTLY A SOLO PLAYER,  THIS IS NOT THE CLAN FOR YOU. WE ENJOY PLAYING DESTINY TOGETHER. Please private message cloakedn007 here on bungie if interested in joining. Random clan requests to join will be ignored



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