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Destiny 2

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11/20/2022 3:29:01 AM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C16 PT 3

[b]"Huh, oh, yeah, I'm here!"  [/b] "Where were you?"   [b]"Uuuuuh, nowhere, oh, by the way, that blade barrage was fantastic! Very well used!"  [/b] "Thanks, please tell me I don't have to fight anymore," he was silent, "Cayde..."   [b]"...We can always pull you out."  [/b] She groaned; as much as she was tired, scared, and wanted to go home, she had to stay. She had to stay and show how good a teacher Cayde was and that she could fight.   "No, it's alright; I'll be fine."   [b]"Jack, I don't think that's a good idea."  [/b] "I'll be fine, Cayde."   She made her way through the hallway once blocked by lasers; she walked up the stairs and soon found herself outside. She ducked as a ship flew overhead and dropped down a large machine that almost looked like a spider.   [b]"Hey, kid, now would be a good time to use stealth."  [/b] "But what about that thing? Don't I need to kill it to clear this place out?"   [b] "No, we can have the titans worry about that thing. Just destroy the main machine; it's inside."  [/b] "You mean past that thing?"   [b]"...Possibly."  [/b] She sighed, "Alright, stealth mode it is."   She looked over at one of the buildings; there was a drain pipe large enough for her to grip. She carefully made her way over to it, the Fallen chattering as they looked around. Once at the pipe, she climbed up until she was on the roof. She looked down and saw the Walker, the guns turning as they tried to find a target. She reached down and grabbed one of the tiles from the roof; it came loose from years of not being taken care of. She threw it as far away from her spot as possible with all her might, making a loud clang as it hit a piece of metal. The Fallen all turned their gaze to the noise, the Walkers' guns turning to investigate.   Jack took as good a time as any to make her move. She jumped off the roof, and halfway down, she used the jumping method Cayde taught her to soften her fall. While it softened her landing, it didn't hide the noise her landing made. She looked back at the Walker as it slowly began to turn its gun around; Jack ran into the building, not daring to look behind her. When she reached the upper floor, she was greeted by piles of bones; she winced as she stared at them.   [i] "W-W-Why are there s-s-so many b-b-bones?"  [/i] "I don't know," she whispered, "I'd rather not think about it at the moment."   The stairwell was broken, with no way of getting up without some jumping, something Jack was completely fine with. She used the 'super sweet double jump' Cayde taught her to get up; it was one of the most helpful things he'd ever taught her. When she got up to the top, her eyes widened, a giant Servitor with spikes floating in the middle of the room.   [i]"T-T-That's him!"  [/i] Jack looked over as chittering and hisses could be heard.   "We'll have to worry about him in a second," she held up her hand cannon and shot it at the Fallen.   Thankfully there were only three, so they weren't hard to beat. She began to hear something powering up, she looked up, and her eyes widened. She cried out as she was shot against the wall, the wind completely knocked out of her. She groaned in pain, her eyes slowly opening as the Servitor began to power up again. She managed to jump out of the way as a beam shot from its eye, right where she was lying. She began to open fire, her bullets barely damaging the thing. The Servitor began to power up again, hitting Jack dead on. She cried out as the beam burned her flesh, her eyes glancing down to see her hands and arms suffering significant burns. The burns were bright red and blistering as the flesh sizzled, they then began to heal over, and her skin returned to normal. She tried to duck for cover, but another beam hit her. She winced as she felt the searing pain again. She switched to her rocket launcher and shot it at the Servitor, the Servitor rumbling as it shook with the vibration of the rocket.   It seemed to do a minimal effect as the beam began to power up again. The rumbling of a Fallen ship could be heard as it flew down into the building; Fallen soldiers jumped off the ship and immediately began to fire at Jack. She cried out as she felt a long slice down her back; she turned to see a Fallen soldier who managed to sneak up behind her, others not far behind him. He knocked her out of her cover and into the Servitors beam, the skin on Jack's face, neck, chest, and arms all burning to the point where her bone began to show. Tears of pain -blam!- Jack's eyes as she pulled out her knife and began to slash at the soldiers. With everyone she was able to take down, five more showed up.     [i] "J-J-Jack, I-I-I-I-I-I c-c-can't t-t-t-take a-anymo-r-r-e-e."  [/i] "Hang on, Sheldon, hang on, please!"   Jack held up her hand cannon, only for it to be smacked out of her hand, the Fallen soldier shoving her back. Her back slamming against the cold metal floor, the loud whirring of the Servitors beam powering up echoed throughout the facility. Jack's heart pounded as she stared at the purple orb, she wanted to continue fighting, but she couldn't.   As the orb began to fire, it was suddenly shot by a missile; Jack looked up to see where the rocket came from. Before she could even comprehend what she saw, she was teleported into a familiar -blam!-. Her head spun around to see Cayde, a look of anger on his face.   "Take me back!" Jack demanded, "I almost had him!"   "No," he said sternly, "We'll get someone else to do it."   "But I-"   "It's over, Jack!" he snapped.   Jack stared at him for a moment before slouching back in her seat; a heavy feeling of guilt weighed her chest as she accepted defeat. 



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