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11/14/2022 10:23:21 PM

Unvault all the damn maps and strikes already

Just do it Bungie... There is 0 reason why all the maps and strikes you vaulted can not be put back in the game. The core playlist is stale AF. I feel like I'm only playing the same 4 strikes: - glassway - the cabal one on Nessus - sabre (which btw makes zero -blam!- sense after the Rasputin season.) - devils lair If I play gambit it seems we have only 2 maps left? And I seem to play on the same 3 PvP maps. You insist we grind this out when the 5minute weekly seasonal story mission is over but leave us with a hollow experience. If I'm not mistaken 1 statement about DCV was that you could brush up the content (spawn points, map glitches, ..) and EASILY introduce it back in the game thanks to the vault ... *Put well we're waiting meme here* *Put well that was a -blam!- lie meme here*



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