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Destiny 2

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11/20/2022 3:24:49 AM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C16 PT 2

Jack prepared herself as she advanced; she stood on a catwalk and looked down to see Fallen and Hive shooting at each other.   [i]"I-I suggest w-waiting,"[/i] Sheldon said as Jack knelt down.   She nodded, her eyes widening as she looked down at a particular enemy, "Cayde, isn't that-"   [b]"A wizard? Unfortunately. Ikora forced you to read about these guys, right?"  [/b] "She didn't force me, Cayde,” Jack grinned.    [b]"But you do know about their shields?"  [/b] "Yeah, I just got to shoot them, right?"   [b]"Yup, maybe use something big like a rocket launcher; you still have the one I gave you?"  [/b] Jack holstered her hand canon and pulled the rocket launcher from her back holster, "Got it right here."   [b]"Sweet!" [/b]Cayde squeed, [b]"Good luck!"  [/b] Jack swallowed thickly as she stood up and aimed the rocket down at the wizard; once the aim was proper, she pulled the trigger. The Wizard burst into a million pieces, and the explosion killed a couple of the other enemies. The aliens quickly turned their attention to her, Jack ducking behind a crate, energy pulses from their guns wooshed past her. She pulled out her hand canon and began to fire at the enemies, the Thrall being the easiest to take out with a grenade while the others were simple enough with her gun. A few Fallen tried to ambush her, but with Sheldon's warning, she could focus her fire on them and take them out.   Once the dust had settled and all the enemies were down, she jumped off the catwalk, going where she needed to go. She frowned as yellow lasers blocked her path.   "Cayde, the paths blocked; what now?"   [b]"What!? Oh crap,"[/b] he hissed, [b]"Um, see that big circular thing beside the door?"  [/b] She turned around and immediately saw what he meant, "Yeah?"   [b] "It's called a Mesh Generator. Have Sheldon try to hack into that."  [/b] "And how will he-"   [b] "He's a Ghost; it comes naturally to them."  [/b] She frowned and summoned Sheldon, "You think you can hack into that?"   Sheldon eyed the machine before turning to her, [i]"I-I won't know u-unless I t-t-try,"[/i] he then flew up to the device and began to scan it, [i]"Oh, I-I think... Yeah, yeah, I-I understand this!"  [/i] She smiled at hearing his excitement, but the smile soon faded as she could listen to the scrapping of claws on metal. More Hive and Fallen were swarming in, all shooting at her. Jack ducked behind the generator, taking shots at as many of those things as she could. She yelped as she felt a blade cut through her skin. She spun around and saw one of the Fallen; his blades were long as he swung them wildly. She grabbed her knife and rammed it deep into its flesh, blood staining her hand.   [b]"Jack, Jack, are you ok?"  [/b] "Yeah, I'm fine," she panted, still getting bombarded with firepower.   [b]"Do you need help?"  [/b] "What? No, I'm fine."   [b]"Are you sure? I can always-"  [/b] "I'm fine, Cayde," she snapped as she peeked out over the generator and shot down one of the snippers.   A swarm of thrall came running down the catwalk; Jack pulled out her shotgun and, once they were close enough, began to fire. She could take down a few with the shotgun, but for once, she didn't hit. She bashed their skulls in with the butt of the gun. She continued to be bombarded with enemies. More and more Captains and Knights showed up, each one draining Jack more and more of her energy. Every time she thought they'd stop, more came. If it wasn't Fallen, it was Hive; if it wasn't Hive, it was Shanks; if it wasn't Shanks, then it was both Fallen and Hive.   "Sheldon, please tell me you're almost done," she panted, her clothes completely soaked in blood.   [i]"S-S-Soon, I-I just need a-a-a little more t-t-time."  [/i] She groaned, her body aching from all the slashing and running around for cover. She suddenly yelped as she was tossed onto the floor, her hands coming up to defend herself as one of the Fallen managed to pin her down.   [i]"J-J-J-Jack!" [/i]Sheldon cried.   "Keep working!" She hissed before turning her attention back to the Fallen.   More Fallen began to surround her as she struggled to keep the Fallen, who was on top of her, knife away. She grunted as her body began to glow, the sudden brightness from her stunned the Fallen soldier, and she managed to kick him off. Her body grew bright as she tossed multiple throwing knives, hitting the Fallen.   Jack rested her hands on her knees as she panted, "Please tell me that's it," she responded with a growl, "Oh for-"   A Fallen fell onto the ground from the roof; he looked to be a Captain but much more prominent. The Fallen's gun powered up and began firing at Jack; she only barely managed to dash out of the way. She pulled out her shotgun and charged at the Fallen, pumping as many rounds in it as possible. Within a few minutes, it was dead. Parts of Jack's clothes were burned from the energy blasts from the weapon; she looked like a complete mess.   [i]"I-I-It's done!"[/i] Sheldon spoke before flying over to Jack, [i]"J-J-Jack! A-Are you a-a-alright?"  [/i] She nodded tiredly, "Yeah, nothing a shower can't fix," she looked up at one of the security cameras, "Cayde, are you there?" No response, "Cayde?"  



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