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Support clan/gaming community for active duty and veterans. Band and discord set up - friends and family are welcome.

Join our [b]'Borne the Battle'[/b] group on BAND [url][/url] and Discord [url][/url] - [i]Two great apps for groups and communities![/i] Come be a part of the start to something amazing: a gaming community for all military personnel, past and present. Read the clan's bio ( [url][/url] )to get an idea of why having a network of likeminded gamers is so important for our demographic. Brothers and sisters everywhere, we have [b]Borne the Battle![/b] Now let us game together, stack some guardians, raid and pillage while watching each other's 6's. [b]POW MIA[/b] [quote]You are not forgotten[/quote] [url][/url] [url][/url]



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