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Destiny 2

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11/13/2022 3:10:57 AM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C15 PT2

He stared at the horizon as he spoke, "You named Sheldon, right? You're Ghost?" She nodded, "Yeah, when we first met, the name just came to me." "You two must have had a strong relationship to remember it." "Yeah, we must've." "Your name is Audrey," she gave him a confused look, "That's your real name; Jack was your father," he groaned as he bent his knee so his arm could rest on it, "I'm thinking that you must've taken it when he died, maybe to remember him by or maybe because it would help you get passed military borders, who knows." She looked down at the pad, studying the man and the boy. She could see her resemblance in both of them: her dad's eyes and ears, and her brother had his nose and jawline. "You were 23 when you died, your brother 17. At least, that's what Sundance and I believe. These are all educated guesses; there's no real way to be sure..." he looked over at Jack and grew concerned as he saw her brow furrowing, "Jack, what's wrong?" "Nothing, I just..." she shook her head, "I've spent my entire life trying to find out who my family was, and now that I have, I don't feel anything," she looked up at him, "Does that make me a bad person? I'm sad that this happened, and I wish it never did, but I don't feel anything. Does that make me a bad person?" "What, no, no, of course not!" Cayde soothed, holding his hands defensively, “You may have known these people in the past, but you don't know them now. If you continue having these dreams, it might be different; you might start remembering them and your relationship. But until then, you don't know them." She frowned as she continued to stare at the screens' photos, "...I don't want to keep having these nightmares, Cayde. I wanted to learn about my past not just out of curiosity, but because I wanted these nightmares to stop," she breathed softly. "I can't sleep; I'm afraid of seeing those hallucinations. I just want them to go away." "I know, kid, I know," he rested his hand on her shoulder, "They'll go away someday, but it's going to be a while..." "Yeah..." she breathed, closing the tablet and sitting for a moment, trying to take in all the information, "....What do I do now?" He shrugged, "It's up to you. Train, make friends, start a book club," Jack smiled at the thought, "Hell, maybe you can try to figure out why Sheldon is the way he is, though that might be a harder task." "Maybe... But he deserves it; after all he's done for me... It's the least I can do for him." "Aaaand," Cayde continued, "While you work on that, you can also train to be the most badass hunter the Crucible has ever seen! Besides yours truly, of course," he smirked. She turned to Cayde, staring into his blue optics before smiling, "Yeah, that's not a bad idea."



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