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11/8/2022 2:09:30 AM

Any active lgbtqia+ friendly clans?

I’m (29 she/her wlw) looking to join a clan. I’m fairly new my power levels only like 1550 so I need help/advice/guidance. Idk what I’m doing only half the time so, I can be of some assistance to newer people or anybody who just needs a buddy to complete the clan bounties with. I’ve just already run into some people who were judgmental & kinda -blam!- which is weird & super lame. Nobody who’s in their right mind quotes the Bible to try and shame someone in the middle of an alien invasion. I saw them die so I ran up to them & quoted “Jesus” to them while eating a baguette infront of their ghost instead of reviving them. [i] I’m pretty sure it was Jesus who said [quote] I have come here to chew bubblegum & kickass and I’m all out of bubblegum. [/i] [/quote] 🤣 I’m also accepting any/all friend requests. I have no friends, I’m sure that is very evident if you’ve made it this far down. Thanks!



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