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Destiny 2

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11/5/2022 5:45:55 PM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C14 PT2

He walked over to one of the forgotten holopads on one of the desks. He plugged it into the terminal and started to download the three files. [i] "Cayde, what're you doing?" [/i] "She needs to see this." [i]"But Zavala-" [/i] "Cayde." Cayde spun around, his hand hovering over his Ace just in case. There in the doorway was Zavala, his hands behind his back with a look of confusion on his face. "What are you doing here?" Cayde exhaled in relief, "By the light," he rested his hands on his knees, "Don't scare me like that!... I was looking something up." "On the old archives?" He nodded, "Yup, you know how I was curious about that old singer, Elvis? Apparently, some people believe he never died and instead went into hiding!" Zavala raised his eyebrow as he looked at the screen, ignoring Cayde's knowledge of conspiracy theories, "I don't believe Elvis was a woman." Cayde looked back at the terminal and saw the picture of Jack, or Audrey, on the screen. "Oh, that," he looked back at Zavala, "I guess I got distracted." "Isn't that your new hunter?" "Is it? Huh... I didn't notice." "Cayde..." Zavala spoke in a threatening tone, a tone that Cayde heard so often when he was in trouble. "What? Can't I look into one of my Hunter's old files?" "A file from before the collapse? One that is utterly useless to us now?" "Mm, not necessarily," Cayde hummed, "The kids been having these weird visions, I talked to the Speaker about it, and he thinks that maybe the Traveler is giving her back her memories." "And why would the Traveler want that?" Cayde shrugged, "The Traveler works in mysterious ways, right?" The Awoken frowned, "If the Traveler wishes for that, then he'll make her remember on her own. He does not need you to." "And what if he does?" Zavala shook his head, "He doesn't; now, we are done discussing this," the Awoken turned to approach the files he had left on the table, "It is almost six; go train her and be back as soon as possible, we have business to attend to." Cayde nodded, swiftly moving his hand to pull out the plug connecting the holopad to the terminal. He snuck the pad underneath his arm and made his way out of the room. [i]"He's going to be mad when he finds out..." [/i] The Exo merely scoffed and grinned, "[i]If[/i] he finds out."



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