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Destiny 2

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Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C13 PT2

He raised his hand, and the bartender immediately sat down with a shot glass with a green glowing liquid and a bottle. Cayde drank the shot and looked at Jack, who eyed the liquid. "I would offer you some, but last time a human drank this, their insides turned to mush." She held up her hand, "Thanks, but I'd like to keep my insides the way they are." He nodded and looked down at her drink; a deep blueish-green with mint leaves sat at the top. The glass just sat there and was still practically full. "So, what're you drinking?" She looked down at the drink and frowned, "I think it's called a 'wave splitter'? It's alright; just kind of burns my throat." "That's alcohol, kid." "Yeah, guess I'm just not used to it..." She looked over at Elizabeth, sitting on one of the titan's laps, giggling like a schoolgirl; the blonde laughed, "She's wild." "Yeah, she's something alright," he looked at the nurse and grinned; it was nice to see her having fun again. After Ana left, she was... different... to say the least. "Oh, look!" Cayde jumped when Jack held up her leg, pulling up her pants to reveal a silky-smooth leg, "Elizabeth showed me how to do it; it feels so weird! Good, but weird." He chuckled as he examined her leg, "Very nice, almost as smooth as mine." She smiled as she put down her leg, "So, did you learn anything from the Speaker?" He winced, "Nah, not really. He just thinks that maybe the Traveler is allowing you to experience these dreams; he thinks they might be memories." Jack frowned, "But why would the Traveler want me to regain my memories?" Cayde shrugged, "No clue; maybe he wants you to write down the events before the collapse?" "Right... The collapse..." she mumbled, "I've heard people talk about it before; I've even found some books that talked about life before it... The world before, it seemed... nice." "I'm sure it was," he sighed gently. Jack examined the Exo as he brought the class to his metallic lips, "Cayde, you mentioned that Exos were once human... So, that means you-" "Were human? Yerp," he answered, "Lizzy thinks that I became an Exo before the collapse, which would make sense. Don't remember anything about it, though." "Because of the Traveler or being rebooted?" "Both," he answered. "So, no one would remember what the world was before the collapse?" Cayde scoffed in amusement, "Kid, the collapse was around 700 years ago; the only people who'd be alive to remember are Exos. But even then, with all the reboots, they wouldn't remember anything." "So, Exo's are always rebooted; there's never been one that hasn't been?" Cayde frowned as he thought, "Uuuuh, honestly... I don't really know." Jack rested her elbows on the bar as she contemplated his words, the rim of her glass tracing her lips before her eyes widened, "Wait, so you're 700 years old?" "Eh, some of my parts are, but Cayde-6 is at least over 100." She stared at him a moment before laughing softly, her gaze half-lidded, "Well, you're looking pretty good for such an old man." Cayde grinned, "Well, what can I say? I'm just naturally beautiful." "Hmm, yeah," she hummed, “Let’s just hope your loud mouth doesn’t change that.” "Please," he spoke before throwing his drink back, the alcoholic liquid rushing down his throat, "I'm Cayde-6; nothing will happen to me!"



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