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Destiny 2

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Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C13 PT1

[b]Chapter 13. The Bar [/b] The rest of Cayde's day after meeting with the Speaker, and dealing with Eris, was spent trying to find Jack. He checked the medical facility, the food district, the hanger bay, her room, and even unlikely places like the hall of guardians. When checking the hall, he was roped into a meeting with Zavala and Ikora, where they discussed one of the raids they had in progress, which Cayde barely listened to, as usual. Halfway through the conversation, Zavala scolded Cayde for doing origami with one of the documents on the table and later for trying to kill a fly buzzing around him. It was already late in the afternoon when Zavala finally decided to end the torture. Cayde debated rechecking Jack's room but figured it would be best if he left her alone for now, hoping that a good night's sleep would help her. He made his way to his favorite bar, besides the one at the ramen shop, to wind down after his hectic day. When he stepped into the bar, it was decently busy; titans were arm wrestling in the corner, warlocks sat in booths as they talked about stuff that did not interest Cayde even more, and the hunters sat at the bar taking shots. He began to make his way down the bar, trying to find a vacant seat, when suddenly he saw Elizabeth. The metal plates meant to be eyebrows stood even higher as he saw Jack sitting next to her. He shifted awkwardly, wondering if it was a good idea to interrupt their girl-time or not. He needed to check up with Jack to ensure that Elizabeth didn't find anything wrong. So, with a deep breath, he walked over to the two girls. Elizabeth was rambling on about something that Cayde couldn't make sense of, her words slurring as she waved her hand. Jack smiled politely and nodded, though the bags under her eyes clearly indicated that she was ready to turn in for the night. When Cayde reached earshot of the girls, he cleared his throat, causing the girls to turn and look at him. "Oh, Cayde!" Elizabeth beamed before slapping his chest with the back of her hand, her other being occupied with a wine glass that was still half full, "There you are, you studmuffin!" Jack looked at him as if apologizing for her behavior; Cayde smiled, took Elizabeth's hand, and patted it, "Elizabeth, dear, I think you've had a little too much to drink." Elizabeth's cheeks have been a deep red since Cayde arrived, "No, no, I've just had a few glasses! If I were drunk, that would mean I was totally wrong about how many glasses I could drink." "Well, we all make mistakes. By the way, I wanted to talk to you about Jack's dre-" "Oh, that!" Elizabeth laughed, "She came in and told me all about that!" She leaned forward and whispered, "She even told me about your little mission," she winked. "But anyway, about the beautiful girl's little brain," Elizabeth reached over and pinched Jack's cheek, to which Jack sneered at her with disgust, "It's all perfectly normal, nothing wrong with it whatsoever!" "Good, that's good to hear," Cayde nodded, "Hey, uh, Lizzy, mind if I talk to Jack in private? I need to talk to her about something." "Oh, sure thing, deary," Elizabeth stood up, Cayde holding her arm as she wobbled, "I'll just be over there; those titans look like they could use a hand if you know what I mean." "You sure you don't need any help-" "No, no!" Elizabeth interrupted Jack, "I'll be fine, don't you worry about me," she then leaned over to her, "And, uh, don't forget about that thing I told you about," she then winked and stumbled off towards the titans who were arm wrestling. Cayde whistled as he watched her leave, "I do not envy you." Jack laughed, "Yeah, it wasn't so bad; it was pretty funny how she went on about how titans are the superior lover." Cayde scoffed as he sat down, "I disagree but to each their own."



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