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10/25/2022 1:05:36 AM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C12 PT2

Elizabeth narrowed her gaze, "Did he now?" Jack nervously nodded; Elizabeth sighed, "How does he suppose I help?" "He said you have these crazy chemicals that can melt off rust or something..." She sighed and let go of the dog tags, "I can try, but there's no guarantee it'll work." "We can at least try," Jack frowned, "Please, Elizabeth." Elizabeth looked down into Jack's bright blue eyes. They reminded her of Ana when she begged her to come with her, leave the city, and help her find Rasputin. Elizabeth couldn't help then; she was too afraid of leaving the city for good and for what Ikora would say, but this was different. She might've been unable to help Ana in the past, but she could help this girl. "Ok, I'll see what I can do." Jack beamed, "Thank you, Elizabeth!" Elizabeth smiled, "You're welcome, Jack; let's keep this between us and maybe Cayde. The last thing I need is for Ikora or Zavala snapping at me." "My lips are sealed," Jack smiled as she followed Elizabeth to the backroom. "Good, now you may have to leave your tags with me for a couple of hours, maybe even overnight, since I'm not sure how long this will take." She nodded as she gripped the tags, "Ok, that'll be fine." Elizabeth nodded, beginning to rifle through the bottles on the shelf, "So, how was your training with Cayde?" She shrugged, "Fine, I guess; I didn't really do much," Jack couldn't help but smile when she thought back to Cayde and the sunset, "Cayde was talking about a special spot he knows; says it's the perfect play to take a girl." The brunette laughed as she grabbed a few bottles, "Oh, that Cayde, always being a flirt." She handed Jack one of the bottles, the blonde eyeing the blue liquid before looking back to Elizabeth, "You think he actually ever took a girl there?" She scoffed as they carried the bottles to her desk, "Please, Cayde likes to talk, but he tends to keep to himself. Plenty of Guardians have asked him out, but he's turned all of them down." "Because of the Vanguard?" "No," she answered as she began to mix the chemicals, "Well… sort of. While the Vanguard can date, it's not ideal. Though I don't think Cayde doesn't date because he's a Vanguard, I think he's just generally not interested. The dude can be pretty mysterious when he wants to be," she then turned her gaze to the younger woman and grinned, "Why, you interested?" Jack scoffed and leaned against the desk, "Please, I barely know the guy," she traced her bottom lip with her thumb, "Though… I have to admit; he's pretty cute for a robot." "No hot men out there?" She laughed softly, "Their attractiveness tends to go down when they're trying to kill you." "Ooh, I don't know," Elizabeth breathed dreamily, "Something about a man who so strong that they could kill you in an instant," she shivered, "Something about that is just so hot," she gave Jack a wink, "Why do you think I tend to go for Titans?" Jack couldn't help but laugh, "That's definitely… a type." Elizabeth outstretched her hand, signaling to Jack that she wanted the tags. She handed them to her, and Elizabeth responded by holding them with tongs and dipping them into the liquid. Bubbles began rising to the surface as the chemicals worked to rid the rust from the ancient metal.



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