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10/14/2022 11:44:54 PM

Destiny has issues reading Data?

Hello there! First of all my Specs: Platform: Steam System: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 32GB Trident Royale 3200Mhz GPU: 12GB 2060 RTX GPU Driver Version: 522.25 OS Version: Windows 10 Home x64-based - version 21H2 ISP Speed: Lan - 247 Mbps download, 42 Mbps upload So this first happened last week, suddenly Destiny crashed cause it could not read a file, no problem I thought, tried a bunch of troubleshooting options and eventually got it working again! Today it happened again and this time no troubleshooting I found or tried worked at all. Keep getting the Screen as seen in my picture above now. Things I have tried: - a full reinstall of Destiny 2 - moving Destiny 2 to a different drive (although after investigation all my Drives are in great health and only Destiny 2 has this issue) - clearing the Steam download cache - updating Drivers where possible - tried deleting the steam_appid.txt - verifying Steam files - (it pulls something every time but the outcome is the same) Id be very sad if I had to stop playing Destiny now after playing it since Destiny 1 Launched and playing for over 1500 hours! Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Kind regards, A dedicated Guardian



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