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Server-Sided Variable Checks and cvars

The PC build of the game still has a problem where the client is not serializing the settings properly to cvars. If I change Mouse Smoothing on or off in game, the value written to the settings for "mouse_smoothing_mode" is always "2". This means on + more smoothing or something to that effect. You have to manually set this to "0" in the XML file to disable it properly. Although, how do we know it is actually working correctly? This made me think about other things like mouse sensitivity and FOV, which are stored server-side. Is there a way to have Bungie verify these are getting serialized correctly and are being correctly set in game? I've noticed inconsistent mouse sensitivity with Destiny. I don't have problems with this in other games. For example, I use 800 DPI/4 sensitivity, but I can change my sensitivity to another value and back, and it feels noticeably different. If there isn't currently a way to do so, could Bungie consider adding a way to list server-sided variables to diagnose further? Other similar bugs/problems: * FOV was written to the cvars as "fov_adjustment_offset", but removed after Shadowkeep? * There is still not an in-game option to enable NVIDIA Reflex. Yes, I know you can edit cvars, but that shouldn't be necessary in 2022. You have ways to discern the platform in the engine for assigning threads for tasks per-platform and can give consoles an option to disable crossplay (which should be enabled for PC too), so you should be able to at least give all PC platforms the option. Is there a complete list of usable command line parameters? There are some listed on the help docs, but I know there are likely more that exist than what is displayed there. It would be nice to have an option for debugging things.



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