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Charged Melee bind incorrectly using Uncharged Melee with Shoulder Charge

Hey all, Since Arc 3.0 dropped, using a Charged Melee keybind while empowered with a melee buff (Roaring Flames, Offensive Bulwark, or Knockout) will incorrectly use an uncharged melee if the user has Shoulder Charge equipped, but before the Shoulder Charge is armed. This is inconsistent with the bind's behavior when a melee buff isn't active (pressing Charged Melee early will cause a sound cue and the melee ability icon will flash red, but no melee will be used). I use this bind for accessibility, specifically, to avoid accidentally using an uncharged melee instead of a Shoulder Charge if I hit the button early. Would it be possible to make this keybind's behavior consistent whether or not a melee buff is active? Thank you!



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