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オリジナルの投稿元: Pinnacle Glitch
10/6/2022 2:48:25 PM
Last week on my Warlock, needing only 3 pieces of “armor” to be at 1580, I got nothing but duplicate weapons, mostly power weapons. This week, my first three pinnacles were all power weapons. This gave me 6 power weapons at 1580, and I still needed 3 pieces of armor. Wtf? Very strangely, the next 3 pinnacles that I got were the exact 3 pieces of armor that I needed to reach 1580. The bottom line is that I’ve always believed the RNG is totally rigged against the player, but if you grind long enough you will get what you need. Also, be very aware of when you do certain pinnacles. If you only need 1 point to gain a level, don’t do a +2 pinnacle. For example: If you are 1577 and only need 1 point to reach 1578, save your +2 pinnacles for later. That way it’ll drop at 1580 instead of 1579. Lastly, use the Legendary Lost Sectors to backfill any pieces of your gear that are behind your power level. This is the only way you can go for the specific piece of gear you need (except for class item). Good luck!



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