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10/5/2022 6:04:15 PM

Crafted weapons will kill this game

Crafted weapons will kill this game.... The concept is good and it is a fun thing to craft and have your own weapons. But am I the only one who thinks that there is an over saturation of them. If not now there surely will be. It's been 3 seasons since "Witch Queen" there is now 61 craft able weapons, 1 for almost every occasion, almost no reason for any other legendary weapons in the game to exist , (except to give red borders for materials and to get you to the point to craft the weapons) (I know you don't have to get them, but eventually there will be so many that everyone will have a crafted weapon for any situation). With greater than 10 per season and it seems as evidence by this season where we get 19 craftable weapons so it can vary season to season. we are on track in 3-5 seasons to reach 100 craftable weapons, which in the overall of the game means that there will be a gun for almost every archetype in the game. Not to mention how crafted weapons have destroyed any incentive to play a master raid when you can craft them to be the best in class if you really want to. I think that they should have been only had crafted weapons in seasonal content, none in raids so that adepts would still be relevant and we wouldn't get the over saturation of the craftable weapons. If that was the case, by this point we would only have 42 (including "Witch Queen" weapons, and not including dares weapons they never should have been craftable) and at about 5 per season it would take much longer for this issue to be a problem, and by "The Final Shape" we would have less than 100 craftable weapons, (I think that there should have been less than even what I just suggested), if we had only seasonal weapons be craftable there would be a reason to find God rolls, and actually care about the loot, and it would keep the craftable weapons special, in that there is only a few craftable weapons and they would continue to have there place, and other guns could still be viable. I think that this is a huge oversight, unless we get no craftables in future seasons but that wouldn't even solve the problem. Because at this point there is already to many. Since "Witch Queen" I have never looked at a normal drop as worth anything because I have an equivalent or better as a crafted weapon (and I'm sure I'm not alone here) it really has killed the drive to farm unless there are red border craftable weapons to get but once you get them there is no reason to ever return to that activity. I think a good example of crafting done right is the duality dungeon, only 2 were craftable and the other weapons were unique and desired. but at this point even those weapons can be replaced by a weapon that can be crafted. In conclusion if this issue isn't addressed then, endgame and any seasonal activities will be ruined (no reason to get the loot ). I know bungie has to see this as an issue in the grand scheme of the game. Unless there is a total reset in the future but they have said that the game will continue past "The Final Shape". But like I said if it continues as it is there will be no incentives to play activities because there will be no loot to actually aquire. Now I could over thinking this but I don't think I am, let me know your thoughts.



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