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10/3/2022 3:37:12 PM

Be Better Bungie

I was a huge fan of Destiny and Destiny 2 back in the day. Due to life circumstances and my friend group migrating to other games I haven't played in a long time. For anyone reading this, I am not abreast of the latest news or anything - I dont know the drama, I'm not on any teams. I've been playing a lot of Blizzard games since leaving D2 - Overwatch 1 and Diablo 3 have been great. However, I am disillusioned with their battle pass model moving forward and, seeing as I need a new shooter to scratch that itch, I decided to download my old favorite again. Now, I knew D2 had similar transactional issues in that the game has always had a certain exploitative approach to releasing new content. I knew that going in. Heck, I was prepared to buy a few newer expansions to catch up on the story. My main goal was to just play through the original story and catch up - I'm a casual, I'm happy playing soccer or just shooting infinite waves of enemies in the EDZ. I'm easy to please and willing to buy things out of gratitude for games that I feel respect me and my time. So imagine my absolute rage when I discovered that not only has the predatory model for new contet continued, but that the original (extremely well done) intro campaign AND the DLCs which I had already purchased have been REMOVED FROM THE GAME. Bungie - I'm going to say it once, and I'm going to say it bluntly. F*** You. I know you've always had your issues but I thought you were better than that. Maybe I am just naive, or too hopeful, or whatever. I remember when studios like yours were filled with people who loved gaming, who loved their creations. Maybe I am wrong but aren't you the studio who fought to split with Activision BECAUSE of their focus on profit? BECAUSE they were not doing justice to your vision for this incredible, beautiful game world? I keep sitting here, hurt and even more disillusioned, and all I can keep thinking is why? Was it worth it, to sell your integrity, your brain child? What would the kid in you think? You know the one - eight years old, just learning to love Zelda or maybe Spyro or Final Fantasy? The one who looked at a new world with wonder, not dollar signs? Would they be disappointed in who you've become? You know the answer to that. How could you have fallen into the same trap as so many other studios? You have become the enemy of your own creation: Bungie - the Destroyer of Worlds, Eater of History, King of the Ashes. Community - I don't care. If experience has taught me anything it is that those of you who are still around in a game like this typical use this type of economic model as a way of asserting your profound superiority over others. You don't care about the casual, it's about prestige you can gain - you play this game like a vulture, using your wallet to achieve recognition where your skill could not. You pride yourself in purchasing every microtransaction and season pass for mediocre new content. You are part of the problem, and you revel in that fact. If you are not one of these... cravens of the gaming world, if you genuinely have stuck around because this is your game and you have weathered, and continue to weather, the abuse because you hold out hope that things will get better, that is not directed at you. You are simply victims of abuse. It's not going to get better, developers need a soul to feel pain, or empathy, or regret. They don't have one. Maybe Activision ate it? I'm more than happy to blame them at least, but it doesn't change the fact that you are hoping for a lost cause.



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