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9/30/2022 6:31:16 PM

Week 3 of Waiting for Chaos Reach News

Hey y'all! Little late this week, but I'm not done with these posts yet! For those of you that read the TWAB, does anyone else wish we could decorate our crewmates? Looking at you, SCUR-V. Anywho, I have a cliffhanger to resolve - assuming we rolled Geomag Stabilizers' current functionality into an Amplified Chaos Reach, what should the boots do? Here's my idea: "Speed Booster how activates instantly and restores melee energy while active. Melee attacks deal increased damage and restore bonus Super energy on kill while Speed Booster is active, and for a short time thereafter." Honestly I'm surprised how there aren't really any effects that hook into Speed Booster rn, so I wanted to make one! Also grants some Super energy back like the boots used to without being free. Hope you guys have an excellent weekend, and all the raid weapon drops!



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