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9/23/2022 3:13:59 PM

Fellow Titans, are you enjoying Arc 3.0 Striker?

Hello Guardians, expecially you fellow Titans. I was wondering in general how do you feel about Titan Striker with Arc 3.0. Are you using it? Both for PvE and PvP or only for one? Have you found a proper functional build? Do you feel it can compete with Solar, Void and Stasis or is it still underwelming? Personally speaking, I'm still using Solar and Void for PvE but always Arc in PvP to take advantage of the dash while Sniping/run away from bad angles, Shoulder Charge for 90°-180° movements and Blinding Grenades. Basically because dash and Shoulder Charge grants me better movement and Blind nades are very good both for run away or for grant easy gun fights in certain situations. What are your opinions?



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