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9/23/2022 6:21:24 AM

A returning Destiny Vet: One of the reason I quite Destiny

#spoileralert about beyond light content It was the season of the chosen. I like the H.E.L.M. However. That’s because it’s the fist larger ship I’ve seen in the Vanguards fleet Anyways let’s get to some of the why I didn’t like the Season of the Chosen. There is a strike on Europa that was updated or changed during one of the Seasons during the end of Beyond Light seasons. I think it was the season of the Chosen. I don’t know the name of it you start out on Europa; fight into the nexus and the last boss and the stage where the fight happens is in view of a huge vex structure which I think is in the glassway. You can’t get to the structure because there is a sea of white electrified liquid. (If anyone figured out how to get over there lol let me know) It’s a nice view when you over look all the dangers of trying to get there. Anyways there is a bunch of Cabal in place of vex which is the usually enemy for that strike. It doesn’t makes any sense that the Cabal would be in there anyway. I got killed by drop pods in an area where Cabal ships can’t even drop them. I would believe them being able to get drop ships on there, which there is. Maybe there is a hole some where off in the distance, on the other side of that dangerously scenic structure. There is no hole in the top of cave or anywhere in site big enough and leading to the surface for a drop pod. Besides the stupidity of dying to a drop pod being dropped on me when it makes no sense that there would be a drop pod there. Why aren’t any of the cabal blue except the leadership? I could think of one reason that isn’t insulting; They are getting picked up by a different cabal leadership after their defeat from the Red War. Which is definitely not stated during anywhere that I read. (I didn’t do much reading) I think the stupidity began during the strike that leads into doing the Proving Grounds Strike. You can just -blam!- tell that Zavala thinks the writing for that entire the strike and that season’s passes expansion story is just -blam!- stupid. That -blam!- Cabal lady is entirely confused. The writing just seemed completely out of place. Maybe, the data in my Xbox is have having the same issue that the Ai in the crashed Exodus is having. I’ve deleted the game and reinstalled it a few times. I doubt it’s my data, I’ve ran through that strike and the one that ends at the at the entrance of the Land Tank, Halphas Electus. A few times ( Remeber I’m a retuning Player/Destiny vet) At least they salvaged some of the writing and turning it into the Witch Queen expansion, which I have not played yet. (Side note) I’m happy to see the tank treads moving while in the Land Tank and if this game was a larger open world I’d bet we’d be seeing it roaming around Nessus. I might change my Destiny name to Zathalla.



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