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9/20/2022 4:47:32 AM

Titan Arc 3.0

I've played master nightfall this week at least a dozen times now and each one was amazing with kackisHD build using titan 3.0 storm grenades, i could endlessly throw them and deal massive damage in a great area and clear out a whole room in like 10 seconds and it would last a long time. I used dodge which quickly charged my nade courtesy of heart of inmost light, each master nightfall took like 10 minutes to complete but when got I on today to do it again right before weekly reset my grenade and dodge charged so freaking slowly and I died so many times, I thought I was bugging so I did two more times and the same thing happened, the encounter took over 30 minutes to do cause I kept dying. Did bungie nerf the living hell out of titan arc 3.0? Or is this a bug or am I delusional?



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