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9/10/2022 11:09:08 AM

Please make Crest of Alpha Lupi work with "Thrusters"

Titans have not a single exotic that supports Thrusters as an ability. The only exception would be "Heart of Inmost Light"... Which doesn't support Thrusters but Thrusters support the exotic instead. Crest of Alpha Lupi should grant either the same or a smaller amount of healing TO YOURSELF ALONE when using Thrusters, no matter if PvP or PvE. Hunters have like 9 different exotics that DO ALL support the dodge on their class. For comparison, Titans have only 6 exotics that do affect Barricade as an ability. Crest of Alpha Lupi should cover both. Hunters have exotics that have very unique uses for their dodge. * One does blind * One does leave a bomb behind * One allows to dodge more often * One improves sprint after dodging * One gives an additional dodge * One buffs weapons and reloads them all * One heals them * One allows them to teleport Sure, Crest of Alpha Lupi does heal allies around you on barricade cast, but that you can limit to barricades exclusively. Make the Thruster heal only work for the own guardian.



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