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9/9/2022 10:44:01 PM

Point contact cannon brace is not good enough.

Point contact cannon brace is the new titan exotic released in season of the plunder. It affects only the thunderclap melee ability. It's perk makes thunderclap restore melee energy on kills and it strikes nearby enemies with lightning when thunderclap hits targets. The problem is this: If I want unlimited melee abilities, I'll use skullfort. But at least it does the lightning, right? The lightning literally does less damage than a single bullet from a 4 bullet burst pulse rifle. Literally all that needs to happen is the lightning strikes have their damage increase by at least 5x as to actually kill enemies. Until then, this exotic that is one of the coolest looking in the game with an interesting concept to it will be completely overshadowed by skullfort. Love your game bungie. Bye! Oh wait also theres a bug where roaring flames doesn't apply scorch properly on uncharged melees. Might wanna check that out.



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