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Active and/or social members wanted

Hello everyone. Clan founder BIGFOOT LA here of new a clan by the name of, Facta-Non-Verba We truly mean it when we say, Deeds, Not Words. We are mostly an Xbox based clan, but would do our best to accommodate other players to the best of our ability through in-game chat. We'd love to learn how to raid, and are currently learning a dungeon at a time. So far Grasp Of Avarice, and shattered Throne have been completed by some of us, and we want to learn more and earn more. We run Crucible and Gambit near daily for fun and comradery. And also enjoy Seasonal content and Vanguard from time to time. We'd love to find some Osiris folk who like to go flawless to teach as well. This game is, and can remain a community. So please, come on by and see us!



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