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Destiny 2

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9/3/2022 7:05:49 PM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C10 PT1

[b]Chapter 10. The Training[/b] [i]His smile was so warm, his grip on her shoulder tight as he pulled her in for a hug. The hair on his chin tickled her as he pressed a kiss onto her forehead. His hands were large and calloused as he held her tiny hands in his own. The gun was heavy in her hand, the shot echoing throughout the forest as she jumped from the kickback. The warm light began to fade into one that made her cold and scared. Screams echoed throughout the forest as the cool air burned her lungs. She cried as she felt her hand get sliced open, the blood warming her fingertips as it dripped down her hand and onto the ground. His hands were tight on her throat; she couldn't breathe; she couldn't think. She had to; she had to protect him. [/i] Jack shot up in bed as a loud beeping blared in her ears. Her head spun as she turned to see where the noise was coming from, her heart slowing back to an average pace as she saw it come from her alarm clock. The sun was still set, the room bathed in darkness, the red light from the alarm clock being the only available light. Another one, though thankfully, wasn't as bad as the last dream. She sighed and leaned over to turn off the alarm as Cayde had shown her. The clock showed in bright red numbers' 5:30 AM.' Cayde was going to be here soon; she had to get ready. She tiredly crawled out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. Performing her daily tasks before changing into the orange outfit Cayde had given her the first day she came here. By the time she was ready, it was 5:43; she looked out her window at the city below. She saw Cayde pacing in the courtyard below, rubbing his hands together as he eyed the door to her building. "Should we go down there? He said the training was at 6." Jack continued to stare at the Exo, "I mean... I don't think he'd be here if he wasn't ready, right?" "I don't know," the Ghost answered before falling quiet, "...He is certainly strange." Jack couldn't help but laugh, "Yeah... yeah, he is." She turned on her heels and made her way down to the courtyard. The bags under her eyes were still prevalent, and her walk was sluggish. She pushed open the door causing Cayde to look up. "Oh, hey," he smiled, "You're up." She laughed as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, "Yeah, kind of hard to stay asleep with that obnoxious beeping." He chuckled, "Yeah, you'll get used to it. You ready to train?" She shrugged, "As ready as ever, I guess." "Good," he turned and began to walk away, "We'll be going to EDZ, that's short for European Dead Zone, by the way. We'll start with what you know already; that way, I know exactly what I'm working with." She nodded as she began to follow him, "Sounds good to me." They made their way to the hangar and briefly greeted Amanda as they passed by. She gave Cayde a weird look when he said they were going to EDZ, but she shrugged and bid them farewell. It was still an odd experience flying in the Queen of the Hearts; the height and rumbling of the ship impressed Jack each time. She had to shield her eyes for most of the trip due to the bright light from the horizon. "Isn't it beautiful?" She looked at Cayde and smiled, "Yeah, it is." He sighed gently. I know this lovely little spot in EDZ that's perfect for watching the sunrise and set. It'd be a nice spot to bring a girl, y'know?" He joked as he nudged her arm. She smirked, "Ooh, Cayde, how devious." He chuckled as the bioluminescence in his cheeks brightened, "Hey, even as a Vanguard, you still gotta have some fun." "And muscles don't mind?" He smirked at the nickname for Zavala, "Who says he knows?" "Wooow," she laughed, "What a rebel. I'm assuming the hunters must love you. How many have you brought to said spot?" She questioned with a flirtatious tone. "Hey, now, a gentleman never reveals his secrets," he grinned. Jack nodded, honestly liking how he chose not to tell her, "Fair enough, dear teacher, so how much longer till we get there?" "Soon, grasshopper," he said, "We'll be there in 15 minutes. Just sit back and relax." She nodded and leaned her head against the window. Well, if anything, she could try and get some sleep until they got there. No matter how early she slept and long, she still managed to be extremely tired. It was probably due to being in a new and unfamiliar place; she hoped that's what it was. If it wasn't for the blinding light of the rising sun, she might've been able to sleep. The hum of the ship, the dull vibrations that the engine admitted lolling her into an even more tired state. Cayde looked over at her, her eyes closed as she rested her head against the window and her arms crossed against her chest. Just a couple more miles, and he could begin the training.



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