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Titans should have their three original charged melees added back

The original three melees of Frontal Assault, Mortar Blast, and Defensive Strike should really be returned to Titans as an additional, selectable melee option. It would be great to have something other than either a shoulder charge or a ranged melee as options. It makes no sense why "the punch class" doesn't have any charged punches. Behemoth should also have an additional melee option other than Shiver Strike, which, after all of the nerfs to it, is frankly garbage and not worth using. A charged, non-ranged melee that applies stacks of Slow on the target would be a great alternative. Another type of shoulder charge that either Freezes the target, like the Shadebinder's Prenumbral Blast melee does or applies heavy Slow stacks would be a great alternative too. With the Howl of the Storm aspect, Behemoth could easily have 4 possible melees.



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