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Cult Carnage and Chaos Probably The Best Clans In the WORLD.....

Hi Guys, I'm not going to give a massive essay of pros, requirements/expectations etc... We are chilled get alot of endgame and raids done I've met some awesome people had some funny raid moments as don't take things to seriously. I also do a great Shaxx impression 😛 We have just opened a secondary clan aswell. I'm from UK but we have alot of US and Canadian members so time zones are all over the place so people are always on. We don't expect people to be pros or sweaty. I don't care if you are inactive for a bit or like playing solo we actually find more reward in helping people. We do like people to be fairly social, that's the whole point of a clan right!? All we as is that your laidback and not an arrogant know it all. Please don't join to just leave again, I'm sure I speak for all clan founders who invest the time to recruit that this is rather annoying. We want all members to feel free to jump into activities etc. and get involved in the Carnage that is our party chat. So if this sounds like your sorta thing, then send a request or comment below (upvote this post please too). Our Cult would be honored to have ya!👍 😁 CULT CARNAGE (NOW FULL) CULT CHAOS (NEW CLAN)



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