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8/15/2022 7:47:58 PM

The Warriors Fable Clan IS RECRUITING!

[i][b]Good day,[/b] fellow guardians![/i] [u][b]TWF[/b][/u] is a [b]PVE[/b] focused clan that partake in all forms of [b]PVE[/b] content in [b]Destiny 1[/b], we also focus heavily on [b]raiding[/b] on any difficulty level with or without weekly challenges. We discourage [b]ALL[/b] forms of [u][b]hate[/b][/u], [u][b]discrimination[/b][/u], [u][b]prejudice[/b][/u], and general [u][b]toxicity[/b][/u], and will never judge you based on skill or level, although we do from time to time have a little bit of cheeky banter among each other, but only in good spirit of course, in the end, we are only here to have fun, uplift, and make you the best player [b]YOU[/b] can be! :) So if you're interested in joining up with a friendly group of lads that enjoy having a laugh and playing Destiny, feel free to [u][b]join our clan![/b][/u] [url][/url]



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