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8/14/2022 3:46:27 PM

Tired of being a number in the background of a massive clan?

So were most of the people that joined my clan, and then they found a home with us. That's what I am here offering you, [u]a clan that can be your home[/u]. We have minimal rules and are a more casual (with a small side of competitive) clan looking to make some new friends who want to run all the content Destiny 2 has to offer. Not sure how to run something? [i]We got you. [/i] Not big into big clans with no structure? [i]We are a small clan with roles and room to grow in the community [/i] Looking to get prepped for the next season? [i]Us too! [/i] We want you to feel like you are actually a apart of something with us. I personally want you to join us so that you can get a taste of something that almost resembles a gaming family! We would all be happy to have you! [b]What to expect?[/b] - [b]We use Discord[/b] so we encourage new members to hop on and chat with us - Most activity is later in the day (CST) and on weekends where we plan most raids - Lots of joking around and just trying to enjoy the game! - We are in the process of bringing in new members after having issues with lack of activity from some members so the roster is being re-organized to welcome fresh faces! - With endgame content being more consistent [u]we have Sherpas[/u] for almost everything Discord Link: [url][/url] Clan Link: [url][/url]



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