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Destiny 2

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Necrogenにより編集済み: 8/10/2022 4:40:48 AM

I put my big boy pants on.

After procrastinating for so long, I managed to top off at 1570 with a +15 artifact power level and completed a GM with my rag tag squad. 🎊 [i]wooo....[/i] I have to say, when you have everything at 1568, doing raids for pinnacles does the trick. When you are waiting on the raid to drop you that [i]last[/i] item finally? Feels good. Just needed a cloak and I got it on the last drop in VoW. Also got forbearance patterns too. finally got that little bugger to level 16 and put E. chain reaction and E. ambitious assassin. Anyway, next season is going to be GM at 1595 I believe. I'll need another plus 10 jump with another 15 to boot. Im hoping the arc 3.0 will either improve or maintain the liars handshake build i use. Crossing my fingers.



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