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Destiny 2

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8/1/2022 8:43:14 PM

It’s 2022 and phalanxes are still the most broken enemy in the game

- Phalanxes walking up to me and 1 taping me in any difficulty. - Phalanxes sending me flying across the map because their shield touched me for a split second. - Phalanxes shield instantly regenerating after I shoot it down. Maybe after the first few times it was funny but 100th, 1000th times? It’s really old and bungie has never even mentioned it. Even their taken variants can randomly 1 shot you while they turn around. There is a bigger discussion to be had about physics and wrong instances of fall damage to be had but we have to start somewhere. There needs to be some changes to object physics or enemy collisions because it’s getting a little out of hand, especially when content that rewards solo flawless has enemies that can randomly 1 tap you *cough* duality *cough*



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