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7/13/2022 1:54:00 AM

Loading into Strikes and other activities on my own...

So i haven't encountered too much but today(around 1 o'clock am when this happened) I loaded into a hero nightfall and loaded in without a team, even though I was able to load with players in previous attempts of the same activity. As stated it is not me who encounters this that often at this moment in time but a friend I know, who has told and I have seen with my own eyes, load into activities such as nightfall and strikes and load without other players like you normally would, even after waiting a while to let people join, mo one would. My best guess is that not that many people here in the UK are doing such activities at such a time, and other regions like the US may also not be playing the game or the activities at the time either. Thought to post this to see if anyone else is encountering this issue as well



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