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7/12/2022 8:06:39 PM

The village's of light and dark want you! Returning, solo, or veteran players. We are a teaching clan. 18+ cross platform.

The Hidden Villages are recruiting for the light and dark clans! Tired of your old clan not running activities? Want help grinding out those raid seals? Want to be a part of a gaming community that is there for you? Looking for a fun clan that is diverse and inclusive? Here at the Villages hidden in the dark and light we strive to help everyone we can the best we can, from teaching raids to helping newer or returning players getting back into the swing of the game. We try our best to keep the atmosphere fun and respectful while still being able to get stuff done! Tired of playing alone? The majority of us were solo players before joining a clan to help us get through endgame content. We aim to help all players no matter the time zone! We have players from all over the world, but we are a mainly English-speaking clan. We host weekly teaching raids and dungeons for newer players to become more knowledgeable. We also host our own PvP/PvE events for Clan members to participate in. With a love of destiny, anime, other games, and much more we do our best to provide a safe, non-toxic, and easy-going gaming atmosphere. Here is a link to our clan pages where you can submit a request to be added to the clan here. Village of Light: Village of Dark: Once your request has been submitted a discord link will be posted for you to join. Note: We allow visitors that are currently happy in their clan but would like to be apart of what we have built. All members are required to follow our rules and standards of etiquette. Come join us today and start raiding with a great community. P.S. We expect are clan members to be active. Playing at least once a week / 2 weeks. WE DO NOT have heavy activity requirements but participating is required. We host weekly teaching raids and encourage playing with new players.



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