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7/2/2022 4:52:42 PM

Friendly & inclusive clan looking for gamers of all skill levels!

Smaller community of hardcore active players (primarily US/Playstation) with zero tolerance for any sort of toxicity. We are experienced players and raid multiple times a week but engage in any endgame activities, PvE or PvP. Community is not gatekept around any in-game requirements and we are happy to enlist new players, help with quests and triumphs, and teach raids. Only requirements are as follows: - Be respectful. The goal of this clan is to be a fun and comfortable place to play Destiny for every clan member. To ensure that goal can be achieved, there is a strict zero tolerance on any misogynistic, racist, -phobic, etc. language or sentiments. Any violation of this rule may result in immediate removal at the discretion of any mod. Any report of such behavior to a mod will be believed and action will be taken. No strike system, no innocent until proven guilty, just be mature and expect to be held responsible for your actions. - 18 or older - Joining the discord is mandatory Our admin raid reports so you can feel confident with the group you are joining: Founder YoungsterJoey- Admin TheDomeFossil- Admin TelulahMaisy- TIMEZONE PSA: The clan is primarily North America with several Aus/NZ/EU members. Our most active times are Tuesday reset & Friday-Sunday. We pre-plan the majority of our activities through sign up posts in discord. Message us if you have questions !



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